The California Consumer Privacy Act and The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act: What You Need to Know
The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act
Illinois Supreme Court Rules That Actual Damages Are Not Necessary Under The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act
Illinois Appellate Court Rules That Actions Under the Biometric Information Privacy Act are not Subject to Wage and Hour Arbitration Clause
9th Circ. Sends Facebook Face-Scan Class Action To Trial
MDH BIPA Outline and Materials 

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies:  What the GC Needs to Know to Advise the Business and Protect the Board
Common Blockchain Myths
Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Lessons from Venezuela, Where Hyperinflation Reigns
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: State Law Roundup 2019
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: State Law Roundup
Cryptocurrency Taxation
Cryptocurrency, Money Service Businesses and Anti-Money Laundering Laws
Primer on Blockchains and Smart Contracts
Bitcoin and the Volcker Rule: Are Banks Banned from Cashing in on the Crypto Craze?
Part 2 – Blockchain and the Volcker Rule: Are Cryptocurrency Companies Covered Funds?
CCPs as Third Party Service Providers: Breach notification issues
Digital Assets and the IRS
Crypto Assets, Financial Crime & Forensic Accounting
More Legal Aspects of Smart Contract Applications
Self-Sovereign Identity and Distributed Ledger Technology: Framing the Legal Issues
The SEC and Digital Assets—A Busy Year End
Treatment of Bitcoin Under U.S. Property Law

Modernizing Privacy through Information Security Management
Privacy Trends

Leveraging Analytics in Document Review
The Fundamentals of Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Triaging Whistleblower Allegations
How DOJ Compliance Guide Affects Employer Best Practices
Whistleblowers: A Fraud Triage System

Hot Topics in Employment Law
Equal Pay Articles
Time’s-Up: Connecticut Employers to Prepare for New Sexual Harassment Training and Protections
The Times They Are a Changin’
Substantial Changes Coming to New York Employment Discrimination Laws
Racing Against the Clock
New York State’s and New York City’s Expansive New Sexual Harassment Laws
New California Sexual Harassment Legislation Will Make It More Difficult for Employers to Resolve Claims
Minnesota Legislative Update: Bills to Watch 
MeToo#: The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World One Year Later
FAA Preempts New York’s Prohibition on Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Suits
Bonuses and Regular Rate of Pay DOL Opinion Letter
Rounding DOL Opinion Letter
USDOL’s Latest Interpretation of Independent Contractor Rules (state law variations) DOL Opinion Letter
Legislation and Employment Contracts in the “#MeToo” Era

When National Security Comes Knocking: Navigating the New Risk Landscape
US Issues New Tech Restrictions on Leading Chinese High Performance Computing Developers
National Security Strategy
Successful CFIUS Monitorships
When National Security Comes Knocking: Navigating the New Risk Landscape
What Will Be FIRRMA’s Impact on Real Estate and Critical Infrastructure Transactions?
China – U.S. Trade Issues
US Issues Huawei Export Restriction and Executive Order to Secure IT Supply Chain

Contract Management: Tools for Improving the Process Within Organizations
Everything  you know  about legal digital transformation is wrong, and here’s why
Contract Management Case Study – Hub International
When Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence for better decision making
Exigent is transforming the way you do legal